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The insurance providers that are currently accepting my association (these are the ones accepted by my association but many others still reimburse my services) of ACCT are: 

Pacific Blue Cross

Green Shield Canada

Equitable Life Canada

Claim Source

Manulife (case by case basis)


Please be aware that even though these companies will reimburse you , it is still dependent on your individual policy. Also, I do not personally bill the companies. You will have to get reimbursed yourself which usually consists of taking a picture of the receipt and sending it in.

There are many more insurance companies, other than these ones that will reimburse you as well, these are just the ones that have agreed with ACCT. If you are wondering if you will covered, just call your insurance provider and ask if they cover ACCT (Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada) and/or a RTC (Registered Therapeutic Counsellor). Some providers only cover psychologist's and every provider is different. 

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