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Counselling can be a very powerful tool for people to use but it can also be very intimidating and scary for someone who has never done it before. Especially for those of you who suffer from anxiety. Below I have tried to answer most of the questions I am asked frequently about what to expect. 

Where EXACTLY is it located: The location is 202-15388 24th ave Surrey. It is in the same building as Pure Pharmacy on the corner of 24th ave and 154th st. The entrance is located in the parking lot side, middle, beside the barber shop. It will be on the second floor. You will take a right after the stairs. As of this moment I am only doing online sessions. 

What does a session look like? A session is approx 55 min long. I will ask you to sit on the couch and we will go over the forms that I have sent you through email. I will ask you questions about why you are wanting counselling and what problems you think you need to work on. 

What if I do not know what to talk about? Many people worry that they won't know what to say when they get there. That is my job though. I am there to guide you through. I am a very good communicator. I will make sure the conversations flow as freely as possible and that you are as comfortable as can be. 

What if I cry? Don't be afraid to cry. This is the place to do it! Our lives our hectic enough, with all the masks we have to put on so feel free to express yourself how ever you feel in my office. Its healthy and needed. 

How do I know if you are the right therapist for me? Finding a therapist can be an exhausting task. Lots of times it causes people to stop going in because they seem to have no bond with any counsellor they find. Try giving any counsellor 5 sessions. The reason I say 5 is because the first few sessions are mostly about learning to trust each other. Remember, you are talking about all your innermost feelings and you have to learn to trust someone first. Also, sometimes, we go through a stage called "therapy sabotage". It's our bodies and brains wanting to stay unhealthy because becoming healthy might be scary and daunting. So we make excuses not to go. Sometimes these excuses can take the form of "I don't like my counsellor". So just to be sure that it isn't your brain playing tricks on you, try out a counsellor for 5 sessions. IF after that you feel there is still not a connection then I would suggest going to someone else. 

Will I feel better after a session? Most of the time I hear that people feel a sense of "relief" after a session. Sometimes though, you can feel better when you leave, but worse later on. We are going to be talking about things that you probably haven't looked at in a long time. It is ok to feel this. That is how we progress in counselling. You will be able to handle this and it's important steps to move on. 

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