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A lifeline that lasts a lifetime

 Feeling tired of trying to "get over" your depression or anxiety but just ending up in the same place as before? Are you overwhelmed by life but constantly tell yourself "other people are worse off, I shouldn't be feeling this way"? Does it seem like your relationship with someone is just full of drama and anger? It's time for a change and you just being here means that you've taken the first step to making a change and being that "happy person" that you know exists. Maybe you have found yourself toying with the idea of seeing a Counsellor. Telling yourself " I know I need help, but I don't have time right now" or finding yourself looking up 'counsellors' in google only to stop at their websites and not make the call. Well now is the time. Now is the time to change your direction. To let someone hear your story instead of keeping it all jumbled up inside yourself.

I will help you navigate through all those thoughts that just seem to be keeping you paralyzed in your life. I will help you communicate better and more effectively with the people in your life but more importantly , with yourself. Together we will figure out new ways to deal with old problems. Don't wait another day to find your best self...let today be step number 2. 

Individual, Couple, and Family Counselling

I can meet with you face to face and we can sort out your needs.

Online/facetime Counselling

Just make an appointment time and date and let me do the rest. Counselling from the comforts of your own home

Fast and Prompt replies. 

Make appointments conveniently through email, phone 778-240-4325 , texts and Instagram Link. I will get back to you quickly so you are not waiting weeks to get in. 

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